Amazon is selling this Blu-ray boxed set of Yellowstone: The First Four Seasons for $67.48, which is 26 percent off the regular price of $90.99. The deal is part of Amazon’s 2023 New Year Sale.

The show, which airs on the Paramount Network, stars Kevin Costner as John Dutton, the chieftain of a Montana ranching family that faces attacks from developers and others who would like to impose on their land. Yellowstone has become a hugely popular show for its intense drama and modern day look at territorial wars in the West.

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The boxed set includes the first four seasons of Yellowstone (season five is now airing on the Paramount Network) and 12 hours of special features including deleted scenes, commentary from Costner and show co-creator, Taylor Sheridan. and mini documentaries on the making of the show from several different perspectives.

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— Phillip Swann