Amazon is now selling The Sopranos: Complete Series on 1080p Blu-ray for $59.99, which is 65 percent off the regular price of $169.99. The deal is part of Amazon’s 2022 Holiday Sale.

The Sopranos, the HBO classic crime drama starring James Gandolfini as mob boss Tony Soprano, ran for six seasons (1999-2007) and was heralded as one of the best shows in television history.

This 28-disc boxed edition includes:

* All 86 episodes
* Lost scenes never before seen
* 25 audio commentaries from cast members and producers

* A mini-documentary on how the show was created
* Two-part interview with show creator David Chase
* Supper With the Sopranos, which includes cast members dining together while discussing the show.

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— Phillip Swann