Amazon is now selling this Chromecast streaming device with Google TV for $19.98, which is 33 percent off the regular price of $29.99. The deal is part of Amazon’s 2022 Holiday Sale.

The Chromecast comes with the following features:

* Watch streaming video up to 1080p HD. (This model does not support 4K programming. The Chromecast 4K device is now available for $39.99.)
* HDR support.
* Personal programming recommendations based on your subscriptions, viewing habits, and content you own.
* Google Assistant, which enables you to push a button on the remote and use voice search to find specific shows, or search by mood, genre, actress, and more; control the volume, switch inputs, play music, and get answers on-screen.
* Connects to any TV with an HDMI port.
* Manage connected devices from the couch; ask Google to dim the lights, adjust the temperature, or see who’s at the front door without getting up from the couch.

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— Phillip Swann