Tubi, which is owned by Fox, is a free streaming service available on your computer, mobile phone or streaming device, such as Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, XBox, Chromecast, Xfinity X1 and Cox set-tops, and select LG, Samsung, Hisense, Sony and Vizio Smart TVs. The Tubi lineup consists of thousands of TV shows and movies from studios such as Fox, Lionsgate, Paramount, MGM and Warner Bros.

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Tubi is able to offer the programming for free by inserting ads before and during the programs. The in-program ads usually run every 15 minutes or so, much like how commercials are placed during shows on networks such as CBS, Fox, NBC and ABC. The ads breaks are one to two minutes in length on average.

You won’t find many recent movie releases or TV shows on Tubi. But there is a vast catalog of films and shows in all genres, including drama, comedy, documentary, western and horror.

The movie lineup is dominated by titles which are several years (or decades) old, and frankly, not in high demand. But you will find some standouts such as these films that were recently added: John Wick, John Wick, Chapter 2, John Wick 3, Tombstone, Deadpool, Full Metal Jacket, Carlito’s Way, Out of Time, A Few Good Men, Salt, Escape From New York, and Book of Eli. (Of course, be prepared for these films to include ads.)

Tubi, like some other free services, such as Pluto TV, also has a live TV section consisting of ad-included channels such as the NFL Channel, MLB Channel, NBC News Now, USA Today channel, Fox Weather and so on. The quality varies, but it’s not bad for free. There’s also a new section of World Cup soccer programming in advance of this month’s 2022 FIFA World Cup tournament from Dubai. (Tubi will offer free replays of every 2022 World Cup match.)

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So if you like free movies, and free shows, — with some ads sprinkled in — Tubi could be your new home after you cut the cord. You can learn more about Tubi here.

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— Phillip Swann