Could a 70-inch 4K TV be purchased for as little as $399? The answer today is yes if you go to

The electronics giant is now offering a Hisense 70-inch 4K set for just $399.99. I defy you to find a price as low as that for a TV as big as that.

Updated: The price was moved to $449 (with Best Buy free membership) on November 17.

But the bigger question is: Does a Hisense TV make sense? Will this TV offer a decent picture and reliable performance over the years?

The Chinese-based manufacturer is considered a medium-quality brand in the TV industry. However, that doesn’t mean the TV will fall apart the minute you bring it through the front door. But it does mean it’s more likely to experience display glitches and technical breakdowns than a set from Samsung, Sony or LG, let’s say.

So you are taking a chance here. But for $399, it might be worth it. Just so long as you know the risks.

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