Christmas is almost two months away so it’s a good time to start thinking about some stocking stuffers. And what makes a better ‘stuffer’ than a great movie on Blu-ray?

During the month of November, there will be several new releases, including some must-see films. Here’s our list for the top five Blu-ray movies coming next month, and they are all available for pre-ordering from

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1. The Irishman (The Criterion Collection)
The Netflix-produced crime drama directed by Martin Scorsese stars Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci in a sobering account (perhaps true, perhaps not) of how Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa got whacked. The Irishman may not be on par with Scorsese’s Goodfellas and Casino, but it holds its own as a cautionary tale of embracing the dark side.

This Criterion Collection edition features the following:

New 4K digital master, approved by Scorsese
Newly edited conversation among Scorsese and the lead actors
New documentary about the making of the film
New video essay by film critic Farran Smith Nehme
A program on the visual effects created for the film
Archival interviews with Frank “the Irishman” Sheeran and Jimmy Hoffa

The Irishman, The Criterion Collection will be released on November 24. You can pre-order it here from Amazon for $36.34.

2. Rio Grande
Directed by John Ford, the film stars John Wayne as a former Civil War officer who must contend with marauding Apaches and a marauding ex-wife (the great Maureen O’Hara), and not necessarily in that order.

Rio Grande may seem quaint to young movie fans today, but it’s a classic representation of why America once was in love with the Western. Great action. Beautiful photography. Simple plotlines.

Rio Grande will be released on November 17. You can pre-order it here from Amazon for $29.49.

3. Essential Fellini (The Criterion Collection)
If you’re a fan of the great and late Italian director, Federico Fellini, this boxed collection is your dream come true, albeit a costly dream at $199. But you get 17 different dreamy Fellini films, including 8 1/2, La Dolce Vita, The White Sheik and Satyricon.

The collection is being released on November 24 to honor the 100th anniversary of the director’s birth. You can pre-order it here for $199 at 

4. V For Vendetta (4K)
The fight to end neo-fascism should never look better in this 4K edition of the 2006 film starring Hugo Weaving as the masked revolutionary who seeks government upheaval at any cost.

V For Vendetta, which also stars Natalie Portman as the revolutionary’s reluctant sidekick, will be released on November 3. You can pre-order it here at

5. Mad Max (4K)
The original Mad Max starring Mel Gibson is a raucous, thrill-ride of a movie about a apocalyptic time when the search for a few ounces of gas is more important than life itself, well, at least, someone else’s life. Directed by George Miller, the movie has spawned sequels and remakes, but there’s never been a better one than this 1979 original. Gibson is in rare form as a ruthless ex-cop who tries to survive while bringing some order to a dystopian society.

Mad Max will be released on 4K on November 24.You can pre-order it from Amazon here.

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