Amazon and are now selling the new and highly-praised Sony 65-inch 4K LED TV for $999, which is $400 off the price of a few weeks ago.

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The set, model X900H, was unveiled this year at the Consumer Electronics Show. Since its launch this year, the Sony TV has generated an outpouring of glowing reviews from consumers and journalists.

“And after spending weeks with Sony’s X900H, I’m convinced that this will be the TV for me,” writes Gizmodo’s Catie Keck. The site adds that it’s “a beautiful, user-friendly, super-smart TV with gorgeous picture and later HDMI 2.1 support.” gives the TV a score of five stars out of a possible five.

“Sony has put a lot of effort into improving the ability of its 4K TVs to upscale sub-4K content. By combining the prodigious power of its X1 4K HDR picture processing chip with an ever-expanding database of 4K-relevant images, it intends to offer greater detail, texture and, well, 4K-ness to 1080p material. And to a very great extent, that proves to be the case,” writes the site’s Simon Lucas

T3, the lifestyle tech publication, gives the TV four stars out of a possible four.

“1080p images have a deal more 4K-ness to them than might reasonably be expected. As far as detail, texture, colour and contrast are concerned, the XH900 is deeply impressive – the Sony can call on a burgeoning database of 4K-relevant images inform how it upscales to fit its mighty resolution, and as a result its Full HD-to-4K upscaling is satisfying in the extreme,” writes T3.

At, consumers have accorded the Sony TV a score of 4.6 out of a possible 5, based on 310 reviews.

The set’s features include both the Google and Alexa voice assistants; Sony’s X-Reality Pro upscaling to make HD look even more realistic; local dimming to display brighter highlights and details; and Game Mode for a smoother gaming experience.

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The above link is an Amazon affiliate link. This site receives a small percentage of sales from Amazon affiliate links.